Structured Product
Solutions for Banks

Instantly convert structured product documents into EDGAR HTML format and file with the SEC. Replace your current manual 424B2 and FWP solution and realize savings of time and cost.

Filing Software

Create and file both the HTML and XBRL components of a single source document in a fully integrated cloud application.

Process Automation

Eliminate unnecessary manual document creation and processing through a customized solution powered by our modules.
Replace Manual 424B2 and FWP Process with Automation - and Save!
CXConvert replaces the manual processes for creating 424B2s and FWPs with automation, allowing banks to realize savings of time and cost. Instantly convert structured product documents into EDGAR HTML format and file with the SEC. Already using WallStreetDocs? Extend automation by incorporating our integrated solution.
Public Companies and CFOs
Take Control of EDGAR Filings
The challenges of preparing and submitting corporate SEC EDGAR filings on a quarterly basis are well known to public companies and CFOs. Use Xpressfiler to internalize the process, generating HTML and XBRL for filing with the SEC EDGAR system from within a single platform.
EDGAR Filing Agents
Multiple Projects? No problem!
Xpressfiler is a cloud application allowing your team members to connect simultaneously from any location and work on multiple projects. Upload XBRL-ready HTML code for tagging, or conduct the entire process from end to end by starting with a DOCX file. Provide proofs to clients and file with SEC EDGAR once approved.
Law Firms, Investment Managers
Spending too much time on manual processes? There is a better way!
The modules we have created for structured product automation and SEC EDGAR filing can be mixed and matched to create customized solutions. Law firms and investment managers can benefit by adopting our customized solutions and eliminating unnecessary manual compliance and regulatory processes.

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