About Compliance Xpressware

There is a Better Way

Our team has been in the regulatory filing space since 1997 and has overseen the filing of 30,000+ submissions to the SEC EDGAR system. Our cumulative experience includes building a number of software products for structured SEC EDGAR filings, including solutions for Reporting Issuers (XBRL documents), Section 16 Filings (Forms 3, 4, and 5) and Investment Manager Filings (Form 13F-HR).

Xpressfiler - our conversion and XBRL tagging software for SEC EDGAR filing - has been in use since 2011. Industry experts have consistently recognized the quality of XBRL produced by Xpressfiler, and users value the advantages this cloud-based solution offers.

Through our experience, we recognized that many bank filings - in particular Forms 424B2 and FWP - were highly structured and lent themselves well to automation. Our most recent software project - CXConvert - was created to provide banks with a better way. Our software solution can be used directly, or be integrated within WallStreetDocs, providing banks with a new process offering cost savings and increased efficiencies.